NOVEMBER 10-17 2021

Centro Panamericano de Tenis

Paula Badosa is Cautious of Social Media

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Guadalajara, Jalisco, November 2021.- After Paula Badosa won the tournament in Indian Wells – she was the first Spanish woman to win the event – her social media overflowed with praise and positive comments. However, with all the good that social media can spread, it can also be an open platform for the haters. 

Paula, who is playing in the AKRON WTA Finals for the first time in her career, is aware of the pros and cons of social media and tries to stay cautious of what happens on these different channels. “I try to be conscious of social media. From time to time, I will be active, but not attached. In the end, it can be dangerous so I try not to waste a lot of time there,” said the young woman who will celebrate her 24th birthday on November 15th. 

 For Badosa, mental health is very important, especially while playing a sport like tennis. “Tennis is very mental, in the end, you are on a court, alone. That is why it is important that the mind is always good. I consider myself a strong person, I think I have passed the hard times, and having overcome all of that, it has made me a much stronger person,” she stated. And now that she has managed to position herself among the best players in the world, she is clear that she must continue on the same path. “To stay at the top, you have to continue on the same path that has led you there. You must remain humble, work day-by-day, and have the desire to improve. In the end, everything ends up coming together. I must not lose focus to stay in this position,” explained the Spaniard.

Regarding her expectations at the AKRON WTA Finals, Badosa sees this tournament as a big opportunity. “It is a very difficult tournament. I am going to play against the best players in the world. Every day I am going to be challenged to win matches and, in the end, it is a very big challenge. I know it will be hard, but hopefully I can do my best and play well.” 

In high-performance sports, with great achievements, come great rewards. This is a situation that Badosa prefers to not give a lot of attention to. “I have never given much importance to that. I play tennis because I like it and because I enjoy competing. The money is always good, but it is not my priority,” she attested.

The young woman values other things, such as spending time with her loved ones and doing things that makes her happy. “What I like the most is to be surrounded by people who I love. In the end, I am fulfilling my dream and living in a good environment so I can’t ask for more; that makes me feel calm and happy.” Her goals include one day being a Grand Slam Champion. Until that day arrives, she is enjoying on just focusing on the moment. After all, she is in the midst of a historical moment for Spanish tennis; after 21 years, the country has two representatives in the Final tournament of the year that brings together just the eight best players of the season. The last time this was achieved was back in 2000 by Conchita Martínez and Arantxa Sánchez. This year, Badosa and Garbiñe Muguruza are taking charge.